Dried Fruit Benefits

Kurutulmuş Meyve Çeşitleri

According to the USDA agricultural research service, dried fruit preserves 100% of the minerals of fressh fruit. At the same time with increased nutrient concentratiom dried fruits contains two times more minarel then fresh fruit. Most of the dried fruits contains iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc. However every fruit has different nutrition profile, as a matter of course if you know the minarels you need by specifying the amount depending on the type of fruit.

We are preparing for our distinguished client as naturaly and hgynicaly, gently collected from tree without losing its freshness and without getting any effect from external factors at closed dehydrate sytem.

Dried fruits keep its characteristic of original fresh fruits as taste, flavor and colour. Dried fruits have more energy then fresh fruits. Also its more helpful for stress management because of it contains beta-karoten, potassium, magnassium concentreted E and C vitamins.

Dried fruits and some of nuts regulates the level of cholesterol in the blood and work bowel easier becasue it contains rich fiber. At the same time these fibers can also fill your stomach and creates a feeling of satisfy for a long time as a matter of course it helps people who wants to lose weight. Dried fruits doesnt leave you without energy like other diet products and it is helpfull for your skin. Also it is useful for hair and nail.

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